Lesson 4. More Basic Guitar Chords

Welcome to lesson 4, more basic guitar chords. By this time you should have the five chords from lesson 2 memorized and are now working on the chord progressions from lesson 3.

While you are honing your skills from the last lesson, you can memorize the 6 basic guitar chords presented in this lesson.

The guitar chords in this lesson introduce to new qualities of chords, the minor and the dominant 7th. Don't worry about what this means if you don't know, just concentrate on memorizing them.

Pay attention to your technique and listen to the sounds these chords make. See if you can start to hear the difference between the 3 types of chords you now know. Major chords are often described as happy chords while minor chords are referred to as sounding sad.

The dominant 7th chords are a bit unstable and tend to want to move to another chord. Pay close attention to these sounds and learn to identify them by ear.

Your ongoing goal is to memorize the basic guitar chords from this lesson. Keep practicing the chord progressions from the previous lesson. Stay the course. Persistence will get you where you want to be on your quest to learn guitar.

All of the rules of lesson 2 apply to this lesson.  Click here to review lesson 2.
Here are the basic guitar chords for this lesson.

In lesson 5 we will use the basic guitar chords from lesson 4 in some new chord progressions. Click here for lesson 5, basic guitar chords and chord progressions.