Lesson 8. Learn Guitar Chords
Minor 1-4-5-Progressions

Welcome to lesson 8. As you learn guitar chords you will find that there are many chord progressions that occur over and over again. Much like the other guitar lessons on this site, this one focuses on some common applications of guitar chords.
In this lesson you will be playing a 1-4-5 progression in a minor key. You will only find a couple of examples in this lesson. The reason for this is that I am only using open position guitar chords. As you move through the lessons and continue to learn guitar chords, you will learn barre chords. Once you have these, your playing will expand greatly, but I'm off track, back to this lesson.

The chords in this lesson come from lesson 3. If you don't remember them click on this link, learn guitar chords, and come back to this lesson when your done.

Now, take a look at the first two examples. They are the 1-4 and 5 chords from the key of A minor. As you learn guitar chords and apply them, remember to use the rules that you learned in the earlier lessons. For a review of proper technique, click here.

Here are the same chords in the key of E minor.

Congratulations! You've come a long way in your quest to learn guitar.If you have any questions you can contact me at bob@learn-guitar-online.com.

All set for the next lesson?  Great! Let's move on and continue to learn guitar. In the next lesson you will learn barre chords. Click here for lesson 9.