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Pentatonic Power - A step by step roadmap for playing killer lead guitar.

“Finally, the First Practical,
Step-By-Step, Roadmap for
Playing Lead Guitar Like a Pro... 100% Guaranteed”

Dear Fellow Guitarist,

Are you frustrated? Are you looking for the key to playing great lead guitar?

Maybe you’re a complete beginner and don’t know where to start. Perhaps you’ve learned a few scales already and you’re thinking...now what? Maybe you’ve even learned a few solos by your favorite players but when it comes down to playing your own solos you are at a complete loss for what to do.

I understand those feelings of frustration because I’ve been there myself and I’ve seen and heard the same complaints from students that come to me looking for the answers.

I still remember being invited to my first jam session. There was another guitar player there and he was flying all over the neck. He then turned to me and said, “you take one.” I sheepishly decline and muttered something like “I don’t play lead guitar, only rhythm.”

I decided then and there that I would learn to play lead guitar and started on the path of discovery. Thirty some odd years later that quest has lead to the creation of Pentatonic Power.

But before I tell you what Pentatonic Power is, let me tell you what it’s not. This is not a book that promises you will be a great guitarist in a weekend or 7 days.

I know it’s tempting to buy one of those play guitar in a weekend books. Or master the guitar in seven days, but think about your own experience in playing the guitar. Do you really believe it’s possible to learn to play the guitar in one weekend or even one week for that matter?

In doing research for the creation of my own book and how to market on the internet I even bought a couple of those books myself. I even give kudos to the authors for writing the books and being savvy enough to sell them. They even have some good info in them.

Where I really start to get angry is when they make ridiculous claims!

On the internet it’s tough to know who to believe. There are so many people making ridiculous claims it’s insane. It's like day after day, you get hit with hype pitch after hype pitch. In a moment, I'll tell you specifically what I can do for you. But first, here is why you should believe me to begin with:

Why Should You Believe What I Say?

One: I’m not going to promise that you will be playing like your favorite guitarist at the end of 5 months. That’s total hype. I don’t know anything about you, your skills or your level of commitment. How could I guarantee such a thing?

Two: I have been playing guitar for 38 years and teaching for 25 years. As a student and teacher of the guitar I have dedicated myself to finding the best and quickest ways to get the results I want on the guitar... the same results that you want.

Three: I have taught over 1200 individuals how play the guitar. You don’t get that kind of clientele and repeat business if you don’t deliver the goods.

Four: I make a full time living as a musician and music teacher. I am out there putting my knowledge to work.

Here’s How I Am Going To Help You play Great Lead Guitar!
OK. Let’s get right down to it. You’ve got a guitar and are interested in learning to play lead guitar or you wouldn’t be reading this. The question is, how do you do it?

First you have to realize there is no magic pill that instantly makes you into a great guitarist. It take practice, but a specific kind of practice. Practice that t takes you step by step, day by day towards a specific goal.

To play lead guitar requires the study of scales. The pentatonic scale is the easiest scale to start with. The patterns of the pentatonic scale lay comfortably under the fingers allowing guitarists from the beginner on up to quickly get this scale under control and play lead guitar.

You need instruction in the application of the scale. Specific examples to show you how to take what you have learned and how to use it to play lead guitar.

You need to take what you learn and find ways to apply it immediately into your playing.
Now, I’m not saying this doesn’t require work. Of course it does. Anything worth achieving does.

Let me describe a couple of typical lessons with my private students.
Student one does exactly what I ask him to do for the week. Follows the plan and excels in a short period of time.

Student two comes in and says, “Sorry but I had no time to practice this week.” Absolutely no progress has been made. After questioning the student about their available time I usually find out that there was plenty of time to practice. They just decided it was more important to watch a rerun of the Simpsons for the 20th time.

I have no problems with watching TV or the Simpsons ( I love the Simpsons myself)...but, if you simply make a commitment to spend the same time you normally do in front of the TV - working this plan - I guarantee you’ll be playing great lead guitar in 150 days or less( I’ll tell you about my guarantee in a moment).

It’s set up as a comprehensive lesson plan each day for 150 days. You simply click open the ebook and it walks you through from Day 1 to Day 150 of exactly what to practice to transform your guitar playing. Each lesson is laid out for you in complete detail. Nothing is left out. But, what about your time commitment?

Look, I know you live in the real world and you can’t devote every waking moment to learning the guitar. That’s okay because I’ve designed your daily practice plan so that you can easily get it done in 45 minutes or less.

If you are not willing to commit just 45 minutes a day to becoming a better guitarist, then do not buy this book. No book or any amount of lessons will work for you if you won’t work for it.

Here are Just a Few of the Daily Lessons We’ll Go Through
TogetherTo Get You on The Road to Pentatonic Power

• A day by day guide takes the guess work out of learning. You know exactly what to practice to reach your goals. I can’t wait till you try this strategy!

• 273 examples in tab and notation with sound you can use to play killer lead guitar now.

• Specific examples of how to use the licks that you learn as starting points to easily create your own endless supply of licks. You be the judge of this benefit!

• The mechanics of bending, hammer ons and pull offs, the nuts and bolts of creating your own style on the guitar.

• The little known way to use string bending that most players never think of. You don’t want to miss this one!

• You’ll learn licks in the styles of diverse players such as Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Larry Carlton and John Scofield. The absolute best way to add more variety to your playing than you thought possible.

• 2 proven strategies for playing up and down the fretboard (the common finger technique and the position skip)...Check it out yourself!

• The top five most commonly used fingerings of the pentatonic scale so you can have total freedom to play any where on the fretboard at any time.

• An in depth look at each fingering of the pentatonic scale so you can really get it into your hands and ears allowing you to have complete mastery of the guitar.

• Exactly how the five fingerings overlap allowing you to play over the entire fretboard.

• Learn 8 variations on the best thing to practice to improve your ear and technique in the shortest time possible.

• How to locate the tonic of each fingering to know where to play the scale in songs to create killer solos.
• Learn to harness the power of melodic patterns and how they can take your playing to a level that only you can imagine.

• The absolute best way to practice bending to make sure you nail them and play in tune.

• How to use wide skips to add new life to the pentatonic scale.

• What polyrhythms are and how these simple devices can add an element of surprise to your playing.

Get Started Instantly

All you need to get started is the decision that you’ll commit yourself to following each of the 150 days I’ve outlined in the course. Your entire investment is just $37.

For the price of a one hour private lesson you get five months of daily instruction in the use of the pentatonic scale. Plus you have my commitment to be there every step of the way to help you reach your guitar playing goals. (See bonuses below)

You won’t have to settle for less than maximum results once you commit yourself to Pentatonic Power!

All you need to get started is the decision that you’ll commit yourself to following each of the 150 days I’ve outlined in the course. Your entire investment is just $37.

For the price of a one hour private lesson you get five months of daily instruction in the use of the pentatonic scale. Plus you have my commitment to be there every step of the way to help you reach your guitar playing goals. (See bonuses below)

You won’t have to settle for less than maximum results once you commit yourself to Pentatonic Power!

So click here now to grab it for just $37

But there’s still more. Lot’s more...

3 Free Bonuses For Acting Right Now

I want to make saying “Yes” even easier by including three powerful bonuses that make this the total package for guitar playing success.

Bonus #1 - “ A way to generate ideas that’s so simple, even a monkey could do it”

After you read this short report, you will never think of playing killer lead guitar as a mystery ever again.This idea is so simple, yet so powerful, you’ll have see it to believe it. The information presented in this book is enough to keep you busy for a lifetime.

Bonus #2 - “Solo transcriptions and jam trax”

Every 30 days for five months you will receive a lesson that includes a solo with analysis.These lessons will cover the same material that you have been working on that month.Seeing actual examples of how these scales are used will add to your understanding and ability to use the pentatonic scale.

In addition, you will get the backing track that the solo was played on to play over yourself.These mp3 backing tracks can be used over and over again and are a sure fire way to improve your playing.

Bonus #3 - “ One on one support”

I’m totally committed to your success and willing to do whatever it takes to help you achieve pentatonic power. While we won’t be able to have lessons in person, you can ask me directly for help via email. I will be glad to answer any questions you have regarding the material contained in Pentatonic Power.

Is this a great deal or what? Okay, so now the moment of truth. The only real question to ask yourself is this:

Are You Willing To Commit Yourself, Wholeheartedly,for 150 Days to Following My Instructions?

Yes or No?

If you’ve honestly answered “yes”, then please consider this a binding contract with yourself right now. This could be the decision that changes your life. I promise to do my part, if you’ll do yours.

In fact, I’m so absolutely positive of this - I’m willing to to take all of the risk.

Here’s My Guarantee

Guarantee: This new program comes with a no-questions, no-quibble, 56 day, 8 week money back guarantee. If for any reason (or no reason), you decide this information isn’t right for you, just email me at any time within 56 days, and I will buy it back from you for every penny you paid.

That’s 56 Full Days to put it to the test - all the risk is on me!

Now, the only way you can lose is by missing out on this deal.

Really, there’s nothing left to say. I’ve done just about everything possible to get you started with “Pentatonic Power” right away. In fact, if there’s something I haven’t done (short of giving it away) that you think I should have - let me know. otherwise, it’ll be a huge mystery if you choose not to get in on this deal.

Think about it, you could keep stumbling and fumbling around trying to play killer lead guitaror you could follow a proven plan to Pentatonic Power.

So what are you waiting for to make your guitar playing dreams come true?
Click here now to get going!

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P. S. Just imagine minutes from now what you’ll be learning...with 255 licks in tab and notation, 255 mp3 files to hear exactly how each lick should sound and a day by day lesson plan as your guide, you will have “Pentatonic Power.”

P.P.S. - Imagine jamming with your friends and how surprised they'll be when you whip out some cool new licks and how you will feel then. No more frustration just...pure confidence. That's the feeling of Pentatonic Power.

Act now! Buy now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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