How To Use The Pentatonic Scale
Learn Classic Guitar Riffs Used By The Pros

Have you ever wondered how players like Page, Clapton and Beck use the pentatonic scale to play lead guitar? How about guitarists like Van Halen and Vai? Or how jazz guitarists like Pat Metheny and George Benson use the pentatonic scale?

If so, then you've come to the right place. In the series of lessons to follow you will be guided through a step by step sequence of instruction to help you play lead guitar.

Take Your Lead Guitar Playing To The Next Level!
In The Lessons That Follow You Will Learn...
  • The most commonly used fingerings of the pentatonic scale.
  • Guitar licks that you can use as a starting point to develop your own solos.
  • Exercises to help you improve your technique.
  • How to use passing tones to give your playing that extra spice that sounds great.
The goal of these lessons is not just to memorize a bunch of guitar licks, although this is recommended and will help you improve. The goal is to give you a starting point that you can use to learn how to improvise and make up your own solos.

The fun and joy that comes from being able to improvise is worth all the effort and practice that it takes to get there. Be patient and you will improve. Try to set aside a consistent time each day to practice and you will reach your goals.

There are 15 lessons to follow. Here is a brief desciption. I recommend that you do them in order but feel free to go straight to a lesson if you have a strong desire to do so. You can always go back to the ones you skip.

Lesson 1 - Learn how to read a scale diagram and the most commonly used fingering of the pentatonic scale.

Lesson 2 - Melodic patterns and their importance in learning to play the guitar.

Lesson 3 - This lesson introduces some typical blues licks.

Lesson 4 - More typical blues licks.

Lesson 5 - A new melodic pattern.

Lesson 6 - Guitar riffs in the style of Slash and Jimmy Page.

Lesson 7 - Ideas to help you create your own guitar riffs.

Lesson 8 - More licks in the style of Jimmy Page.

Lesson 9
- Adding one note to change the pentatonic scale into the blues scale.

Lesson 10 - Learn the remaining fingerings for the pentatonic scale.

Lesson 11 - The rest of the fingerings for the blues scale.

Lesson 12 - How To Connect Pentatonic Scale Patterns To Play The Entire Fretboard.

Lesson 13 - More blues licks.

Lesson 14 - Add more spice to your playing with the use of passing tonres.

Lesson 15 - Putting it all together.

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